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Introducing We Cause

WeCause is an on demand community platform connecting changemakers to causes in need. Creating an Ecosystme of talent and resources that causes can utilize and scale thier impact.

What are Changemakers ?

Individuals who offer their time, money or skills for the good of society.

How does WeCause utilize the full potential of a generation with a great deal of passion and talent but limited time? through Micro Actions!

Find Local Nonprofits

Browse NGO's and Movements by cause/Location

Micro Donations

Donate small amounts towards specific things that NGOs need.

Track Your Impact

See your impact at a glance and earn points with every action

Skilled Volunteering

Volunteer your skills & time in micro Doses for causes you believe in



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Why NGO's choose WeCause

Easy Communication

Communicate through our text features & Instant Notifications.

On-Demand Resources

We take 24 hours to match Changemakers.

Volunteer Management

Manage Volunteers through our interactive dashboard.

Smart Fundraising Tools

Automated tax receipts and more

Our Mission

WeCause aims to help the young Changemakers become part of something bigger than themselves. Together, let’s begin an era, where individuals are actively participating in social change.

We offer users the opportunity to support NGOs and Causes, empowering socially driven youth to foster a better tomorrow. Through our Micro Actions, we create opportunities for users to be a part of a movement through small but meaningful contributions. Increasing collaboration, reducing turnover rates, and helping organizations contribute to the greater good of the society

In the Spotlight

meet the humans who made change

Rishabh creates change by working at UGM, a charity that helps the homeless and Providing food.


Content Writer

Zeba is devoted to advocating for free access to menstruation care products. As the founder of PERIOD. The Director of the national advocacy campaign.


Teacher and Trainer

We Make Impact is focusing on clean water because the founders realised that water changes everything.

Jimi James Cohen

Human Resource Manager