Get help from hundreds of trusted volunteers, From general Volunteering to Pro bono work, Our Volunteers can do anything and everything.
What is WeCause?
WeCause is an on demand platform that instantly connects volunteers/donors to causes in need, allowing them to recieve immediate help to sustain & scale their community projects. Its Purpose is to crowdsource change anytime, anywhere.
Our Story
The venture was Initially founded by Pallavi Panigrahi after witnessing the rise in mental health issues among her generation, whilst also witnessing the rise in social activism. Created by university students, it started as a platform to promote skilled volunteering to the youth-instilling purpose and demonstrating the value of a career in social impac. As Covid-19 suddenly altered our world, we knew we had to make a change.
The Problem
It all started when we saw vulnerable individuals unable to get the help they need. Most charities, helplines, and communities experienced a lag of 72 hours to match volunteers with needs. 72 hours can seem like a very long time for vulnerable individuals waiting to get help. Furthermore social media was too crowded and would drown out people that needed help. This was all due to the lack of volunteers as well as non automated matching of the needs.
Within a week, we personalized our online platform to solve the problems mentioned above.
The Solution

That is how WeCause was born.

Its goal is to provide safe, quick, and efficient help to those in need. Not only does our platform verify all volunteers, it also allows you to privately chat with them to communicate details. To avoid overcrowding, everytime a task is completed, it is removed from the feed. Moreover we instantly notify volunteers whenever someone in their location needs help.

With our geo fencing feature, automated matching and instant notifications, the on demand platform can be scaled anywhere in the world and is able to proivde help within 1-2 days. We hope to continue improving this process, by adding exciting features to help all of those in need.
Our Key Features

On Demand Resources : After uploading a task, it takes on an Average 1-2 days for volunteers to apply to help. The waiting period reduces with every week!
Instant Notification : We instantly notify volunteers whenever someone in their location needs help. Email/text notifications
Location-Based Tasks : Volunteers can see the tasks nearest to them and apply!
Skilled Pro Bono Work : Find volunteers who can offer their skills for free, to help your cause grow. Our volunteers are skilled at anything from videogrpahy to design.
Communication : Volunteers and those that need help are able communicate through our chat feature!.
Safety : All volunteers provide identification and detailed information about them to ensure safety anf security.